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"As a guitar player I am striving for a number of things when I play. I want to create a distinct atmosphere and mood, a certain unique texture. my approach has been inspired by elements of 60's and 70's blues rock as well as experimental improvisational guitar elements akin to Henry Kaiser, Bill Frisell, Derek Baily, Marc Ribot, Fred Frith, and many others. The sound I am going for is lyrical, harsh, modern, and hypnotic. Cinematic guitar. When I am playing I am just as likely to be thinking of the films of David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, or David Cronenberg as I am to be thinking of the music of Jimi Hendrix."


Black Mountain Free (thanks to Jimmy Page) mp3 | wav

John Bonham and I (J. Bonham and E. Friedmann) mp3 | wav

Gone (E. Friedmann featuring Yayoi Ikawa) mp3

Thank you Mr. Pearl Jam (E. Friedmann) mp3 | wav

Giant Steps (John Coltrane) mp3


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